Karen Cameron Friesen

A passionate educator and fearless advocate for students with disabilities, Karen has taught from preschool through undergraduate levels. Founding a vibrant fine arts and academic collective for homeschooled students, her work with business leaders and parenting five amazing kids uniquely inform her leadership with Ck2 Inc. 


empowering strong minds

Executive Director
Lead Arrowsmith Teacher

B.Ed, MA (English), ARCT
Dr. Leanne Nazer-Bloom



Leanne is a veteran teacher of 28  years, spending the majority of her career as a university professor, teaching education students to strive for excellence in teaching. She is passionate about helping students to find their voices, and equipping them with skills to self-advocate. In the classroom, Leanne strives to combine the theory of multiple intelligences along with creative, hands-on learning to create delight directed learning experiences for students. Leanne has tutored the Barton program and is certified as an instructor of the F.A.S.T. program, both Orton-Gillingham based phonological programs geared to helping students with dyslexia.

empowering strong minds

Academic Director
BA, B.Ed, M.Sc, PhD
Lani van Rooyen

Lani has enjoyed working across the globe and her teaching background includes training and tutoring in the fields of fashion design and hospitality. After becoming a parent to a special needs student herself, she became immersed in learning more about special needs and learning disabilities in children and is passionate about helping others. As our lead online Arrowsmith Teacher, Lani is honoured to discover a career that positively strengthens the brain while having a profound impact on students' lives.

empowering strong minds

Arrowsmith At-Home
Lead Teacher

Private Certification, NCHM